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St. Regis Buckhead

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta dining Kitchen

St. Regis Buckhead

This residential space at the St. Regis in Buckhead, Atlanta is work of art.  Countless hours were put into finding custom pieces that would contribute to textures, color, and nuance.

I’ve provided explanations below to help you understand the thought process of this design.  I can confidently say that some of the elements in this design have never been seen before. 

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta dining living room portfolio

ABOVE: In the media room area.  Focus your attention on three elements, the celing, the walls and the floor. 

Ceiling Light Fixture with “Onion Skin” shading chandelier made in Israel.

The far wall is covered in Italian Suede Tiles 8x8in which add texture and acoustic properties

The floor has a section with Travertine Natural Stone which is incorporated for visual and tacitile texture and has helps absorb sound in a media room.

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta bedrooom

ABOVE: Bath ceiling features a custom hand painted faux finish by Colombian Artist and lights includes dangling crystal fragments that produce a prism effect as light enters the room.  It feels as if gentle rain is falling from the sky to fill the bath below.

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta dining

ABOVE: Custom build cantelever dining room table made from stainless steel.  Sitting chairs produced by Christian Guy .

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta guest

ABOVE: Custom built bed with youthful colors.  This is the bedroom of a young girl coming of age which is reflected in the design. 

ABOVE: Feel free to click the image above to view the gallery.

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta dining living room

ABOVE:  Imagine sitting on a chilly night in an apartment near the clouds with a warm fire and a good chat.   The fireplace is overlaid with texture and warm lighting.  We choose lighting with personality with the focal point on a blue lit crystal. 

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta dining Kitchen

ABOVE:  Kitchen and casual serving area features a tiled backwall and counter tops build from recycled concrete with optional recycled glass, porcelin and other fragments to dazzle your eyes.  Very functional and enviromentally sound. 

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta dining bedroom master

ABOVE:  Custom made bed with textured top to bottom head wall that echos the suede tiles in the media room and is upholstered with stingray leather.

project st regis Buckhead Atlanta master bedroom

ABOVE:  The master bedroom features a lounge area with a chaise lounge from Christian Guy and and deep sofa from a local manufacturer.

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