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Fluor Field Condo

Kingsbridge home Hennessee Haven project Terry Gillespie

Outer view of the Kingsbridge property

This project is an excellent example of how we were able to enhance the inner beauty of an older property.  We took an older style home and made it modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I’ve provided explanations below to help you understand the thought process of this design. 

project-001 sitting area hennessee havens

ABOVE: Soaring Heights, fabulous lighting and flowing drapery add to the luxurious yet, casual lifestyle of this sunroom.

Dark stained oak flooring is a contrast to shades of gray used on the walls and area rug. A console behind the sofa provides a place for lamps that give ambiant lighting to this sunroom.  The chandelier is by Restoration Hardware.

project-001 living space facing window hennessee havens

ABOVE: Just look at this beautiful original charcoal marble bureau.  You might not think of grayscale in a living room, but it works so well to provide neutral colors that add design and texture without complicating things.  The metallic silver works well with gold frames, four in fact.  Nothing wrong with adding space to a room by using ecellent art to create a faux window.

favicon hennessee haven version 01

ABOVE: Feel free to click the image above to view the gallery.

project-001 bedroom hennessee havens

ABOVE:  The neutral color scheme enhanced the beautiful dark wood on the staircase and flooring.  The long table and lights are custom made and match well with the warm wood colors.  The archway was kept neutral to keep point perspective.  This interior design is inviting and warm.

project-001 bathroom hennessee havens

ABOVE:  We went with a very open kitchen dining room concept.  Plenty of room to entertain guests in casual settings (with the high chairs and table format).  Also we added an intimate sitdown location that utilized the bay window.  The sink and kitchen area is wonderful for utility use.  It is an excellent color and design layout for an outside wall with irregular shape.

project-001 living room hennessee havens

ABOVE:  The bath and fixtures and wall paper are excellent here.  You see a nice texture in grayscale.  The wallpaper mimics the marble floor so well.  This bathroom is a work of art in a space many designers miss.

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